Organizational Performance

Discover how you can surface AI-powered insights about your organization’s health with Zugata Insights

Are we cultivating an inclusive environment to attract and retain the best and brightest?

The most powerful company culture is an inclusive one. With Zugata Insights, companies can now measure and mitigate unconscious bias attributed to gender by surfacing any disparity in how male and female employees are being described and rated.

living up to our established culture

Are we living up to our established company culture to drive the business forward?

Coming up with your company’s culture values is the easy part. But is your company truly “walking the walk”? Zugata Insights surfaces your organization’s most valued and rewarded attributes to help you understand your culture in practice. Take action before the gap between rewarded behaviors and established values grows too large.

Cultivating an inclusive environment

Do we understand the attributes of our top performers to coach and acquire the right talent?

HR leaders and executives now have clear insight into the behaviors, attributes, and skills of top performers at their organization. Zugata Insights helps you improve your efforts in recruiting and talent management by using a data-driven approach to acquire, develop, and reward talent strategically.

Understand the attributes

Are we identifying the areas we need to improve to help us remain competitive?

Understanding the skills of your top performers is important, but what about the ones you’re missing? Zugata Insights aggregates company-wide strengths and skills gaps so that you have a clear picture of the talent that you need to develop or acquire to remain competitive and stay ahead in today’s fast-paced knowledge economy.

Identify areas to improve

It's time to bring AI to HR with Zugata Insights

Zugata Insights uses natural language processing and machine learning to aggregate and analyze written feedback about your employees. This provides your company with data that allows you to strategically measure and improve the key factors that drive organizational performance.

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It's time to bring AI to HR with Zugata Insights

“The application of AI on HR data to improve leadership, culture, and talent management is here. These new tools help individuals and HR leaders get organizational and personal insights, serving as electronic coaches, to help us all perform better.”

Josh Bersin

Josh Bersin

Principal and Founder, Bersin by Deloitte

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